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Im Oberen Werk 1

66386 St. Ingbert, Germany

Phone: +49.6894.9396-850

Fax: +49.6894.9396-851

Company Data

CEO: Oliver Fries & Robert Birkner

Trade Register: HRB 15683, Local Court Saarbrücken

Tax ID: 075/108/00766

V.A.T. ID: DE248636780

General Inquiries & Support

Support Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 - 13:00 CET

For the quickest response to inquiries and support, please contact us through our Contact Form

Abuse, Illegal & Complaint Reporting

1API is committed to the advancement and expansion of the Internet by proactively investigating complaints of abuse and illegal activity of any of 1API’s customers. Our security and abuse process is simple and aims to respond to all complaints within a reasonable time-frame.

1. How to File a Complaint or Report Abuse

Reporting into one of three categories - Compliant, Abuse, or Authorities. Please provide your name, address, telephone, email and description of the issue, including domain name(s) to the respective contact below.



Tel: +49.6894.9396-850

Mail: C/O: Complaint Department



Tel: +49.6894.9396-850

Mail: C/O: Abuse Department

2. Report Processing

All reported complaints and abuses will be acknowledged through email by our support staff within five (5) business days. And the goal is to resolve any single complaint or abuse within ten (10) business days. If more time is required to resolve an issue, our support staff will inform you of the expected time-frame to resolution.

Authorities reporting abuse must first have their provided credentials verified. And upon successful verification, a response will be made to the authorities by the most appropriate individual the support team. Resolution of reported abuse by the authorities will depend on the scope and complexity of the investigation required.

3. Reopening or Appealing Responses

Responses to reported complaints and abuses that are resolved in a satisfactory manner will be closed within 48 hours of a non-response from the complainant. If the response is not satisfactory, simply respond with additional information or detail that will allow for further investigation of the issue.